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  4. Listen to Surrogate Valentine (single) by Goh Nakamura.


  5. "…if a future archaeologist were to reconstruct San Francisco’s indie music, visual arts and film scenes, circa 2012, this film could pretty much serve as a thesis on the era’s attitudes, styles and moods."

  6. "If the team clearly had a lot of fun cranking up the weird with Daylight Savings, they’ve still retained the central quality that made Surrogate Valentine such a captivating piece of work: the remarkably natural screen presence of Nakamura himself."
    — Straight.com

    (Source: straight.com)


  7. "The collaboration between filmmaker Dave Boyle with a brave performance by Goh Nakamura reveals what artists may choose to hide, the highly subjective process of drawing inspiration from your own life (or if anything, playing a version of yourself). Knowing this is the second of such feature (and looking forward to any future collaboration), this refreshing soulful film may in fact be theory for both Nakamura and Boyle and lucky for us, it’s delightful."

  8. "Daylight Savings is a lovely study of the creative process; losing oneself in work is inherently problematic."

  10. "Ethnicity is, however, a total non-factor in the narrative; Goh is not an Asian-American singer-songwriter, he is just a singer-songwriter. Daylight Savings is a sweet and tender existential love story that deserves to be seen, especially by fans of Goh Nakamura and DreamDate’s music. And let’s just say that Surrogate Valentine has been bumped up a few more notches on my must see list…"

  11. CIFF favorite Dave Boyle brings back his unique style of storytelling in what can be considered “Surrogate Valentine 2.”


  13. "Bill Otto’s crisp monochrome lensing highlights a well-turned low-budget tech package."

  14. Shot in 15 days, the film once more sees the fictional Nakamura looking for love while on tour, losing his way on a detour through the California desert before his ultimate destination of Las Vegas. Shortly before their premiere at this year’s festival, Boyle and Nakamura talked about their innovative self-distribution of “Valentine,” what sci-fi epic was the surprising inspiration for “Savings,” and the potential for an entire Goh universe with Kickstarter.

  15. Goh Nakamura entertains the crowd at Lomography, a gallery and store that specializes in the Lomo Kompakt Automatic, a unique Russian camera. (Photo: Phil Gallo) (via SXSW Film: ‘Sunset Strip’ Screens; a Flaming Lip Scores; Goh Nakamura Performs